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Favour Sulaiman


CrossFit Level 2// About Me – Since starting CrossFit back in 2017, I developed a passion for challenging my mind and body in ways that I never thought of before. When I started coaching in 2018 this only grew when I could see first-hand how people’s physical and mental beings are transformed by the power of Fitness and community. I currently hold a CrossFit Level 2 and I am looking forward to bringing my experience from the CrossFit world to CrossFit Orpington.

Magda Sulaiman


CrossFit Level 2/ I have been working in CrossFit for the last 9 years. I did my CrossFit level 1 after I graduated university of performing arts. I love seeing people changing their lives through fitness and community. That’s why me and Favour decided to open our crossfit gym that creates this opportunity for everyone.

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