Pursue Objectives, Not Distractions

Ever wonder why having a coach is crucial?

Coach helping an athlete

The sheer volume of information out there can be overwhelming. It’s clear you can’t dive into everything. A plethora of options looks enticing or appealing, be it diet plans, supplements, workout regimens, or daily WODs.

However, attempting to tackle everything is counterproductive. I’ve been guilty of it!

Everyone is familiar with the concept of overtraining, and the fear of sustaining an injury is pervasive. What often goes unnoticed is that there’s an optimal amount of training, just like there’s an optimal amount of food to consume.

Insufficient effort leads to slow progress. Surprisingly, excessive workouts yield the same outcome.

We opt for CrossFit as our group training regimen because it strikes a fantastic balance—it’s neither too little nor too much. Even though CrossFit workouts are challenging, the temptation to do more persists: adding a “recovery run” or even squeezing in multiple workouts in a day. However, this is NOT the path to success.

More isn’t better. Better is better.

Your coach serves as your guide.

Coaches are here to guide you towards what’s optimal, not what’s minimal.

At CFO, our coaches aim to connect with you every 3-4 months for a personalized, face-to-face discussion. We want to assess your goals, track your progress through tracking your results, and provide you with the most effective prescription for success.

Here’s the link to schedule your goal review—it’s included in your membership!

Book Athlete Check In

What we DON’T want is for you to navigate blindly.

Avoid trying fad diets just because they seem popular. Disregard consuming a gallon of milk daily just because you stumbled upon it online (fun fact: a CrossFit fad that was around 2011 that didn’t last long). Don’t follow the crowd in the gym simply because their program works for them—it might not be the right fit for you. Train collectively, but tailor it individually; that’s the essence of our coaching philosophy.

You have a coach.

They act as your discerning filter.

The next time you come across a tempting online workout and think, “Wow, that looks intense! I should give it a shot tomorrow after the class,” consult your coach to ensure it aligns with your goals. Trust the guidance of a seasoned enthusiast who learned the hard way!

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