Positioning Yourself for Success

The key to success lies not in rising to the challenge but rather in falling back on the level of our preparation.

Utilizing “commitment devices” proves instrumental in achieving sustained success, as it aligns our actions with the natural inclinations of our bodies and minds.

Throughout time, our brains and bodies have adapted to conserve energy, inherently seeking the path of least resistance. This innate tendency to take the easiest route manifests in scrolling through Instagram from the comfort of our beds or succumbing to snack machines due to the inconvenience of seeking alternative food options.

The cultivation of positive habits does not necessitate overpowering negative ones or summoning a sudden surge of motivation for overnight transformation. Such abrupt changes seldom endure. Instead, success is more readily achieved by capitalizing on our inherent human tendencies.

A commitment device is a proactive decision made in the present that governs our actions in the future. For instance, scheduling an appointment with a PT ensures attendance at the gym, joining a football team guarantees participation in games, and preparing lunches in advance ensures they get eaten.

Consider implementing these straightforward commitment devices right away:

  1. Secure your spot in CFO classes or schedule appointments for the week.
  2. Plan your lunches for the upcoming week.

Simplify the process by either opting for the same meal each day or planning dinners for the week and repurposing leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

Compose a grocery list.

Visit the store.

Purchase the necessary groceries for all your lunches.

Allocate an hour tonight for food preparation.

Dice vegetables, proteins, nuts, and seeds, storing them in separate containers.
Prepare enough for the entire week.

You need not strive for complexity; consistency in your meals is perfectly acceptable. Save variety for dinner.

Commitment devices eliminate obstacles and the burden of decision-making. Do your future self a favour: make commitments in advance!

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