How Do I Stay Motivated to Work Out?

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Some people are always fired up to hit the gym, but others find it harder to get moving and stay moving.

If you struggle with motivation at times, here are four tips to help you!

1. Set a Goal

The best thing you can do to stay motivated is set a specific goal that’s important to you. 

What do you want to accomplish in the gym?

Here are a few common goals: lose weight, look better, feel better, get stronger, live longer, have more energy, reduce stress, etc.

Think about what you want as a result of training. If you can focus on the reward, putting in the work will be much easier. 

For example: “I’m worn out, but I want to be a good role model for my kid. I’ll hit the gym even though I’m tired.”

Goals are powerful. Set one today. If you want to amplify the power of the goal, tell someone—like your coach!

2. Do Things You Enjoy

Remember the “no pain, no gain” catchphrase? It’s only partially true.

Yes, you must put in work to get results, but you don’t have to be miserable while you do it. The old-school approach of suffering through workouts you hate actually kills motivation.

To stay motivated, you should do things you enjoy. If you absolutely hate movement of any kind, you’re going to be in a tough spot. But if you have “likes” and “dislikes,” a skilled coach can help you with a fitness plan that’s super enjoyable. 

For example, maybe you dislike the treadmill and feel like a hamster when you’re stuck running on one. No problem! Your workout plan could involve biking through a local forest, paddling down a river or cross-country skiing over silky trails.

If you don’t enjoy lifting barbells, a great coach can help you find success with other implements, like dumbbells or kettlebells.

The point: Find activities that make you happy and use them to work toward your goals.

3. Review All Wins

Here’s a secret fitness coaches know: Motivation doesn’t produce success. Motivation comes from success! That means you must find small victories every day to stoke your fire. These are the little things that add up to very big things. 

Say you just got home from the gym but feel hopeless about accomplishing your long-term goal of losing 10 Kg’s. “I’ll never get there. I’m wasting my time!” you say, as the motivation drains out of you. 

Here’s how you reframe that: “I worked out today, and that’s a huge step toward my big goal. Every workout is a step in the right direction.”

See the difference? 

How about this one: “I did 8 reps today when I could only do 7 last week!” 

Perspective is everything. After every workout, write down a bright spot—your win for the day. Then review your “win streak” in your workout book when you need motivation.

4. Call for Backup

It’s very easy to lose steam on your own. It can be hard to see progress, break old habits and push on without feedback or encouragement. 

A coach can make a world of difference. An outside expert can see things you miss: “Wow—you’re so much stronger than you were last month!” Or “did you just do 5 push-ups in a row? Do you realize how far you’ve come in just three months?”

A coach can also remind you of what’s important: “This workout is a big step toward your goal. Let’s get after it!”

Or they can just provide the words you need to hear: “I know you can do it” or “let’s book your next session right now so it’s on the calendar.”

A coach will provide a plan to help you reach your goals and keep you on track with reminders, pep talks and bright spots. 

In fact, it’s a coach’s job to help you stay motivated and focused. In our gym, we take great pride in helping clients move toward their goals every day—and we’re always fired up. So if a client is feeling low, we crank up the energy.

Think of a coach as a trusted advisor, your No. 1 supporter and a supplier of “instant motivation.” 

If you’re struggling with motivation or just want to move toward your goals faster, book an appointment to talk to us: click HERE.

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