A Genuine Journey To Success!

Dear friends, let’s delve into the authentic route to success.
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Expect a series of advancements, followed by nearly retracing your steps to square one. Subsequently, you will witness additional strides forward, only to experience a setback that brings you nearly back to your previous point. Progress and regression will intertwine, akin to gaining and losing weight, achieving 20 unbroken pull-ups, only to slip back to six.

Persisting is paramount for one compelling reason: with each backward loop, the distance you cover in reverse diminishes. The loops gradually shrink.

Furthermore, you will observe that these setbacks occur less frequently as time unfolds. Eventually, you may find yourself reflecting, “I’ve navigated an entire year without significant weight gain.” This perspective becomes a vital tool during minor setbacks, helping you maintain a balanced outlook.

Nicole, a fellow gym owner, ingeniously coined the hashtag #highclassproblems. She possesses profound expertise. I resonate with this phrase, as it serves as a constant reminder that problems persist but gradually decrease in intensity and frequency. Your deadlift may have declined from 150 kg’s to 140 kg’s – disheartening, yet you still have the strength to lift an impressive ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY KILO’S off the ground!

Many individuals find themselves trapped in an eternal loop of fitness endeavors: attempting new approaches, making strides, then faltering. Often, their chosen programs, diets, or tactics are unsustainable, dull, or simply ineffective.

Typically, after six weeks, the fitness enthusiast has progressed to some extent. Even if they encounter a setback, it won’t plunge them all the way back to the beginning.

Consider the aftermath of a amazing family holiday marked by excessive indulgence in food, drinks, and rest (#highclassproblems). You may have regressed somewhat, but you still possess the ability to engage in CrossFit. You can still show up, retaining your prowess. Next year, if a setback occurs again, you’ll find yourself even further advanced. You’re constructing a buffer for occasional lapses.

If for no other reason, visit the gym today because today’s predicaments are marginally less dreadful than last year’s challenges. I’ve traversed that journey myself.

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